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Classic Polar Bear Coat

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Part Polar Bear, part Abominable Snowman, part White Walker—talk about standing out in a sea of monochromatic SnorthFace and Platagonia jackets.

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Parka length, weatherproof and designed to survive the elements (plus maximum snack-packability across seven discrete pockets) — this Polar looks furociously cool, and performs better than your average winter coat.

Rock it proudly to stand out on the slopes, at the game, or out on the town. Also, have we mentioned you can tie-dye this bad boi?

Outer - 85% Acrylic, 15% Polyester
Inner - 100% Polyester
Accessories - 100% Silicone

Weight - 112 oz

Fit: These babies run big. We recommend double checking our size guide prior to purchasing.


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Customer Reviews

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Katelyn deno
Worth every penny

I live in the pnw and I am always cold during the winter. I think that is about to change now that I have this polar bear coat. This thing is perfectly toasty and adorable. I get compliments every place I go in it and it keeps me warm when all my other coats have left me chilly. It’s well made with quality construction and it feels like a legit snowboard jacket. If you want to stand out and stay warm, buy this damn jacket!

Todd chinderle
Greatest coat ever

Not sure what’s better…the warmth, the fit or the fact that everyone loves it

Crystal Pawlak
Great coat!

I bought this for my 6’3” 300lb hubs for his birthday! He loves it! Fits great, little big but he liked that.

Woody Woodruff
The absolute bestest Polar Bear Man Ever!! (UPDATE 2-21-24)

I cannot wait to get on the slopes this year and be the bad bear man on a board, in all white! This coat is so warm, but not way way too hot because this has breathability, unlike all of the many uncomfortable sweaty, plastic lined, cheap, air tight, ski jackets I've had in the past. There was definitely engineering, thought, and creativity that went into this product's construction. It's obviously unique and the quality is pristine! I expect this to last a very very long time. My man got it for me for my birthday at the end of the cold season last year, so I had not had a chance to wear it publicly until just this week when the temp dropped. I got 7 compliments on this coat on my way into the office, on the first day! LOL. The company itself also cares. The first jacket we got was a Medium and was just a bit too snug. Without question they shipped us another one that was bigger along with a packing slip to send the other back, no questions asked! The replacement also came incredibly quickly. WOW! They stand behind their stuff, and have made a HUGE HUGE fan in us! WILDCOAT has been graded as follows: Solid A for quality! Solid A for warmth! Solid A for style! & SUPER A++ for service! See you on the slopes! Or will you see the white polar bear, in the white snow? Hmmm... If you do, please say HI! 🐨 Thank you WILDCOAT! You have made a VERY Happy BearMan!


I finally got to wear my Polar Bear snowboarding last weekend, which thankfully the mountain got snow dumped on it by mother nature the day prior and there were powder drifts every where! The weather ended up getting down to negative 6 degrees on the mountain during our trip, and I am so pleased to say that I was a very comfortably warm fur ball even in that bitter cold where some of my buddies were not so lucky. Not only did the Head / Hood expand perfectly to cover my helmet, the lift of the jacket put the back fur lined side of the zipper perfectly where a balaclava would sit to keep my face warm. I finally did not have to take a small bag with me as the multitude of pockets were ample space for all i needed on this run. The claw mitts that flop down over my gloves were just the extra added insulation I needed to keep my fingers from freezing whereas when the mitts were not over my fingers they were getting to cold! Thanks for the save on that one! Finally, I was curious how the fur would hold up. I don't think one was out of place when I got back home. I did have to run a brush through it once quickly to smooth the fur where it had gotten snow turned water, but it's as white and furry as the day I opened it.

Killer product guys, really my fave coat I have ever owned, and like that woman said it is making me super duper happy! Couple updated pics too below.
Sorry for the long review here, but I could not leave out the response to those others that were on the mountain that weekend. I could not walk anywhere, literally without someone commenting on how great my coat was, someone even told me that I was making a lot of poeple and kids happy because of this Coat. I probably got asked to take 15 plus pictures with families, although 3 of those ended up with frightened young children which to me means the pic was only the moms ideas. LOL.

Updated two pics below from the mountain as well!

Stacey Slichta
Still waiting for the replacement

Got a xxs instead of a xl
Customer service was great at getting a return label but still haven’t received the cl