Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The 3.0 coats are our latest designs for Winter 2023! We've overhauled several features and added quite a few upgrades, namely:

  • Zip-off hoods, sleeves, and mittens
  • Larger pockets (all 7!)
  • Magnetic mitten attachment to flip-em-back
  • Magnetic storm flap (snaps suck!)

The Classic coats are our original designs and, while they don't have quite as many bells and whistles, you can bet your buns they're solid coats! Just read our reviews!

Do bears sh*t in the woods? Short answer – heck yea Wildcoats are real winter coats.

Weatherproof and designed to shred the mountains (plus maximum snack-storing-ability across seven pockets) — this bear is made to be your go-to winter coat.

Not to mention these babies are warm. Like really, really, ridiculously warm (in a good way).

Occasionally we run preorders when new products or re-stocks are en route to Wildcoat HQ. Follow along with our real-time preorder tracker.  

Our latest batch of Buffaloes, Pandas, and the restock on all other coats and hoods are set to arrive around the end of December. We'll be shipping out all orders for these items as soon as they get to us in Colorado!

We're based in Colorado and ship all over the USA, to Canada, and to New Zealand.

Check out our full shipping breakdown here.

For the love of Berenstain, no! We love animals and use 100% synthetic materials in all of our coats and hoods.

Read about what we're doing to help with animal conservation!

We are ski bums at heart, so we prioritized FUNCTION while creating Wildcoat.

The hood stays up even when you’re ripping down a groomer, and the active fit combined with the 2-way zip allows for free flowin’ movement on any terrain. Not to mention our 3.0 coats now have zip-off-everything — bring on the Spring ski!

Yes! Designed to be worn with a brain-bucket on the slopes (smart bears protect their noggin) or sans-helmet out on the town.

Our adjustable hood cord allows for 360˚ of free-flowin’ comfort no matter the occasion — all discreetly hidden within low profile fur pockets.

And now you can full detach the hood on our 3.0 coats if you're feelin' a "just the head" kinda day.

We are not exaggerating when we say each Wildcoat has the temperature rating of an actual bear.

If you tend to run hot (especially while skiing) we recommend simply wearing a long-sleeve tee under your bear (probably this one). Adjust accordingly for those springtime turns, and maybe ditch the ski pants for some short-shorts.

All Wildcoats are unisex with sizes ranging from 2XS to 3XL.

Our coats are designed to be on the roomy side to allow for layers on the mountain on those bitter cold days.

The sleeves are also slightly extended to allow for winter gloves to be worn under the mittens.

Check our Size Guide to determine your perfect fit.

The short answer is - we want you to be 100% ecstatic with your Wildcoat!

Check out our full policies on exchanges, returns, and all things shipping here.

Wildcoats were designed with snow sports in mind, but you can rock this beautiful, beastly coat anywhere.

Camping? Yes, just don’t forget to double stack your s’mores.

Festivals? Fur sure.

Out on the town? Pics or it didn’t happen.

Cuddled up with boo on the couch? Obviously, bear cuddles > all.

We gotchu covered! Check out our full care guide here.

These aren’t your average show-bears (and wolves)! Our coats and hoods are designed to be used on the mountain, and are built to withstand the regular demands of the winter season. Wear and tear will happen, especially around frequently used areas of the coat. However we’re happy to assist with any extraneous craftsmanship or material failures. 

Please email with a lil description + pics of your coat should your Wildcoat have any issues! 

Hell yeah you can. Check outhow ours turned out.