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Step into the untamed spirit of the Wild West with our brand new addition – the Buffalo Wildcoat. Crafted with meticulous detail and upgraded with our 3.0 features, this coat captures the rugged grandeur of a bison's fur while enveloping you in unparalleled warmth and style. 

Wildcoat 3.0 NEW FEATURES:

  • Experience ultimate versatility (Spring skiing, anyone?) with a zip-off hood, removable sleeves, and mittens, all of which can be effortlessly interchanged with other coats – who will create the first "Frankencoat"?
  • Increased size on all 7 pockets to accommodate even more snacking, and the largest phones without compromising comfort or style.
  • Conquer the elements with a magnetic storm flap to keep the wind out of your main zipper. The magnets are stronger than ever and run the full length of the coat — gone are the days of fumbling with snaps. 
  • Seamlessly secure the mittens to your sleeves with magnet closure (also stronger than ever). Did we mention how much we dislike snaps?
  • Upgraded materials in the hood with a velvety-soft hood inner liner to cocoon your dome in warmth while facing the frosty outdoors. 
  • Teeth monching the back of your head while wearing the hood back? No longer! The collar of the hood is also detachable, allowing the hood to lay flat when worn off the head.

Parka length, weatherproof and designed to survive the elements (plus maximum snack-packability across seven discrete pockets) — this Buff looks ruggedly cool, and performs better than your average winter coat.


  • Full coat with detachable hood and sleeves.
  • "Hoove" styled detachable mittens.
  • Horns (not QUITE sharp enough to do any damage, but certainly intimidating).

Rock it proudly to stand out on the slopes, at the game, or out on the town.

Outer - 85% Acrylic, 15% Polyester
Inner - 100% Polyester
Accessories - 100% Silicone

Weight - 112 oz

Fit: These babies run big. We recommend double checking our size guide prior to purchasing.


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