Dry clean only for a deep clean, otherwise you can easily wipe-down the inner liner with any gentle cleaning wipe (as you would your traditional ski coat!).

You can also spot-clean the fur/liner gently with soap and water.

After drying, we recommend a soft brush to keep your fur looking fresh. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to brush you, it’s a great way to make friends.

Wildcoat fur repels snow quite well, and our 2-layer waterproofing will keep you warm and dry on the inside, but the fur can get a bit frosty on a powder day or in a big storm.

Fear not, knock off any frost and hang-dry overnight (we recommend draping it on a chair over a warm vent) and your Wildcoat will be dry and ready to rip on back-to-back days.

Aiming a fan at your coat will also expedite the drying process! Just be wary of placing it too close to a heat source/fire.

These aren’t your average show-bears! Our coats are designed to be used on the mountain, and are built to withstand the regular demands of a ski season. Wear and tear will happen, especially around frequently used areas of the coat. However we’re happy to assist with any extraneous craftsmanship or material failures. 

Please email Teddy@wildcoat.com with a lil description + pics of your coat should your Wildcoat have any issues!