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    A howl rings off in the distance - it's time to assemble the Wolf pack. We've revamped our Wolf coat from 2022 with an amped up aesthetic and upgraded with our 3.0 features. 

    Wildcoat 3.0 NEW FEATURES:

    • Experience ultimate versatility (Spring skiing, anyone?) with a zip-off hood, removable sleeves, and mittens, all of which can be effortlessly interchanged with other coats – who will create the first "Frankencoat"?
    • Increased size on all 7 pockets to accommodate even more snacking, and the largest phones without compromising comfort or style.
    • Conquer the elements with a magnetic storm flap to keep the wind out of your main zipper. The magnets are stronger than ever and run the full length of the coat — gone are the days of fumbling with snaps. 
    • Seamlessly secure the mittens to your sleeves with magnet closure (also stronger than ever). Did we mention how much we dislike snaps?
    • Upgraded materials in the hood with a velvety-soft hood inner liner to cocoon your dome in warmth while facing the frosty outdoors. 
    • Teeth monching the back of your head while wearing the hood back? No longer! The collar of the hood is also detachable, allowing the hood to lay flat when worn off the head.

    Parka length, weatherproof and designed to survive the elements (plus maximum snack-packability across seven discrete pockets) — this Wolf looks ruggedly cool, and performs better than your average winter coat.


    • Full coat with detachable hood and sleeves.
    • "Claw" styled detachable mittens (not QUITE sharp enough to do any damage, but certainly intimidating).

    Rock it proudly to stand out on the slopes, at the game, or out on the town. The wolf coat is designed to be an everyday ski coat, snowboard coat, or casual wear winter parka!

    Outer - 85% Acrylic, 15% Polyester
    Inner - 100% Polyester
    Accessories - 100% Silicone

    Weight - 112 oz

    Fit: These wolf winter coats run big. We recommend double checking our size guide prior to purchasing.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Carrie A Smith
    Love it!

    I waited to review so I could wear it a bit. Wow warm coat, below zero wind chills in Minnesota did not make a dent in it. Very well made. Have had to stop for pictures,lol.


    It is great!! Bought this for my Grandson and he loves it! Is super warm and comfortable. He met up with someone else on the mountain wearing the same coat and they became buddies 👍

    Jon Freitag
    Love this coat!!!!

    Was everything and more to what I expected! i have already taken this jacket out 7 times this year and I love it more and more every time I put it on! Thank you so much for an amazing product! Definitely the warmest coat I own (outside the polar bear I also have. 😂)

    Stephanie Marciniak

    My wildcoat is awesome. It keeps me super warm. I absolutely love it.

    Joshua B
    Best coat you’ll own

    This coat is absolutely amazing, can’t wait to hit the slopes with it. Had to test drive it in this cold that just hit. A lot of mixed reactions but mostly all positive. I mean the mittens don’t exactly cover well and maybe like a spot for like a banded thumb cover so the mittens hold on and you’re not like keeping a balled fist and have a little more control of your hands with the mittens on