Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

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The bear that started it all. Some call it the OG, others call it Yogi… around here we just call it Grizzly.

Size note: These babies run slightly big, so select your size accordingly! Email for recommendations!

The bear that started it all. Some call it the OG, others call it Yogi... around here we just call it Grizzly. Wear this bad boy and prepare yourself for endless bear puns, growls and photo requests from strangers.

Weatherproof and designed to live in the mountains (plus maximum snack-packability across seven discrete pockets) — this Grizzly looks ferociously cool, and performs better than your average bear.

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Weight 6 lbs
Unisex Size


8 reviews for Grizzly Bear

  1. Rich

    Warmer than my north face, and I looked hotter than John Stamos

  2. Jay

    I freaking want one there pretty sick😎

  3. Heather

    I have this product for a while now and have much to say about this coat so buckle up:
    My initial thought about this coat was its looks, of course. And its fucking SICK, the grizzly fur is perfect. Its a blend of three different colors which really gives it some dimension. For $350 no one wants to buy a jacket that looks like a dumb onesie from Walmart so this is important. I first took this coat out with me while I was crewing a friend for a 100 mile race in the mountains. It got a lot of attention, obviously, but I was super impressed with how warm it kept me all night too. It got down to the low 30’s, high 20’s at one point and the only thing cold was my feet. This jacket is heavy, I’ll say that, so no one will want to hike in this thing, but it’s super toasty warm.
    The integrity of the coat holds up over time too– the head and face don’t get saggy or floppy, and there are ways to adjust the head/hood so you can custom fit it yourself around your head or helmet (if you’re skiing) and it clips back too if you don’t want it on so that its also out of the way. Same with the claws, they snap backwards so when I was camping I was able to make my morning coffee without knocking things around. The eyes, claws, and teeth aren’t hokey and gimmicky looking like a cheap costume might—again for the amount of money you’re shell out for this, all the details matter. I felt like that is important to say in a review. They really thought of every little detail on this jacket, I am super impressed.
    This part goes without saying, but this jacket is fun as hell! It’s a great conversation piece, people love it, its really does look as amazing in person as it does on the website. Its really great to wear around events like the race I was at, and other fun, lively environments. Unfortunately, I am not a skier so I have no actual feedback to provide there but since this jacket performed so well in other scenarios, I can only assume that it will perform well doing what it was specifically designed for.

    Overall, I would say this coat exceeded my expectations.

  4. John

    So Full disclosure, I DON’T have one of these awesome looking coats (Yet). I’ve been STALKING this page for the Large to be back in-stock, and at the risk of being a pain in the butt I reached out looking for some sort of time estimate. I work in customer service, so I’m not quick to rock the boat. I got a speedy response from Carlo. Super helpful and informative. With the state of everything it’s gotten so much harder to find patient people and good customer service. These Jackets certainly are expensive, and having great service with that pricetag fills me with confidence in the purchase. Can’t wait for that restock! Thanks Carlo! -John

  5. Jenny (verified owner)

    Just got my bear and I love it!! Everything i expected. It’s cool as hell and very warm. Not only a great product but this company has the best customer service. Thanks guys!!

  6. Alex

    This is literally my dream coat ❤️‍🔥

  7. Mike (verified owner)

    Worth EVERY penny. I am a die-hard, season ticket holding Chicago Bears fan and at first glance was a little uneasy about spending premium dollars on a novelty coat that I might wear a handful of times per year. But when the wife gave me the thumbs up I quickly placed an order before she could change her mind. I was legit blown away the day that the coat arrived. It is FARRRRR from novelty. The coat is a premium ski coat worthy of handling the coldest temps and windiest conditions you can find. I sat through 3 sub-32 degree games (plus hours of tailgating) this season and never felt the cold like I used to. So, the coat is 5 stars. Then there’s the service… Carlo and his team are amazing. A few of us bought coats to rock at Lambeau Field for Bears vs Packers for my buddy’s 40th birthday bash. Due to the supply chain issues, the coat was not gonna make it in time. Carlo made sure that we got prototype coats to wear and was on top of every detail from shipping, to making sure fit was right, to making sure we stayed warm during the game. It was/has been the best online retail experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Carlo and everyone else at Wildcoat! BEAR DOWN!!!

  8. Will Anderson

    Going to order mines very soon. Can’t wait to match my Polar Bear coat with my CRISPY WHITE AIR FORCE ONES! 💪🏽😊 Im really looking forward to ya restocking the grizzly! And hopefully a BLACK BEAR VERSION AS WELL!

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