Bundle & Save

Mix and match your favorite Wildcoats & wildhoods to unlock bonus savings.

Note: Make sure your cart is empty prior to adding a bundle to ensure discount applies correctly. Contact us if you have any issues!

Swipe for Coat Deals >

  • Coat n Hood Bundle

    Buy any coat + any hood to save $20
  • Double Coat Bundle

    Utah, get me 2! Buy any 2 coats to save $30
  • Triple Coat Bundle

    Goldilocks? Never heard of her. Buy any 3 coats to save $60
  • Coats for the Whole den

    The full coat collection! Buy any 4 coats to save $100

Swipe for hood deals >

  • Coat n Hood Combo

    Buy any coat + any hood to save $20
  • Double Hood Bundle

    Buy any 2 hoods to save $10
  • Triple Hood Bundle

    Buy any 3 hoods to save $30
  • Hoods for the Whole Den

    The full hood collection! Buy any 4 hoods to save $60

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